Companies We Finance

ClassicPlan works hard to accept a broad range of companies/policies for financing. We are providing the following information as a guideline for producers to consider when submitting a loan. Please feel free to call our customer service department if you have any questions regarding acceptability of a particular market or company.

ClassicPlan accepts both commercial and personal lines policies.  ClassicPlan will accept loans as low as $150.00 up to very large ($250,000+) commercial loans
The company must be willing to accept outside financing
The carrier should have a Best rating of B+ or better ( Please contact us if the company does not meet the B+ rating)
Admitted and Non-Admitted carriers are acceptable
The carrier must give ClassicPlan permission to pay their authorized General Agent/Surplus Lines Brokers.  Other payment arrangements are also available

Unacceptable Companies/Policies

Workers Compensation Policies
Policies with other than a yearly audit
Policies with greater than a 25% fully earned premium. (California Fair Plan is the one exception)
Accelerated earned premiums
Stand alone earthquake. (Other than DIC) 
Flood insurance
Any policy from a company that does not accept outside financing

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